Art Sales on Autopilot:

A Step by Step Course for Setting up Your Own Online Business Selling Your Art Prints (almost!) 100% Passively! | taught by Jules Tillman

Course description

If you're an artist who wants to sell your art -- you probably already realize you're also an entrepreneur. Because you don't just make art, but you're also in the business of selling your art.

If you're already selling prints of your work, you know what a hassle that can be: from printing to packing to the post office. It's no fun at all. 👎

Wouldn't it be great to eliminate all that?!

When you set up your shop exactly how I show you in this course, all you'll have to do is simply list your prints for sale (either open edition or limited edition) the rest of the process is hands-off for you. 

It's really exciting!

Hi! I'm Jules: an artist and creative coach living in Portland, OR. I've been selling my own art online since 2004, and let me tell you: this course shows you the easiest way to sell art online.

It's all about Passive Income

As artists, we know it's nice to have multiple streams of income: from private sales, to galleries, to our own online shops, to art fairs, licensing and beyond. And offering prints is a great way to make more money in your art business. 

But the time you take printing, packaging, and mailing your prints is costing you money!

That time could be much better spent creating new work or looking for my ways to grow your art business. 

That's why I'm sharing my own formula for selling my prints almost 100% passively in this short but powerful course.  

Jules Tillman
Jules Tillman
Artist, Creative Coach & Entrepreneur

Jules Tillman is an artist and creative business coach living in beautiful Portland, OR. She helps introverted artists and creatives who want to start businesses and grow their business, on their terms! Jules has been selling her own art online since 2004, and has helped countless creatives do the same.